The 2019 Holiday Collection

It's FINALLY here! The 2019 Holiday Collection is OFFICIALLY LIVE!

When I decided to do monthly updates back in June, I planned out each month up until December and THIS is the month I had been waiting for! Each night, I'd crawl into bed and sit on my phone on Pinterest getting color inspiration photos on all things "Holiday". I went back and forth on making this collection something specific, but let's be honest.. I love ALL THINGS holiday! As soon as Halloween is over, it's full on Christmas mode for me!

This collection is unique and really tested me to step out of my comfort zone. If you've been around for a while, you know how much I LOVE speckles! I feel like if my yarn doesn't have speckles in it, it just doesn't look right. The more I sat on this collection, the more I realized that the speckled look isn't what I was going for. One of my absolute favorite colorways I ever created was "Enchanted". This color way uses a marbling technique where I pour 3 different colors over my yarn and watch them blend together. 

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