The Coastal / Rhys' Collection is LIVE!

The Coastal / Rhys' Collection is officially LIVE in the shop! I'm so excited for this collection as it was inspired by my son, Rhys. 

When I found out in December of '21 that I was having another baby, I immediately knew I wanted the nursery to be something "beachy" since he/she was going to be born in July. Boy or girl, it didn't matter, the nursery was going to be just that! 

When I sat down to plan my (tentative) dye schedule for the year, I wanted to do a beachy type collection. Since I had already done The Seaside Collection a few years back, I was stumped on a name. Obviously this collection was going to be very different from my previous beach inspired collection, but I still didn't have a name other than "beach launch". As I was looking at dates on the calendar for July, I was looking at launching "the beach" collection on Saturday, July 29th. Side note: we all know that when a doctor gives you a "due date", it's really just an estimate because that baby is going to come whenever it's ready to come! :) Anyway! July 29th was my "anticipated" due date with Rhys and I thought, why not call this one Rhys' Collection? But then I over thought the whole idea (like I normally do) that no one would understand what "Rhys' Collection" meant without out going into lengthy detail -- kind of like what I'm doing right now... haha! So I decided to call it: The Coastal / Rhys' Collection. A collection inspired by all things on the coast, beach, under the sea, etc. 

One thing I kept in mind for this collection when developing the colorways was that I knew launching it in August with an anticipated ship date of beginning-mid September was the change of season. I wanted to make sure each colorway was universal to both spring/summer as well as fall. This collection features a lot of neutrals, but also with pops of color and speckles! Would it even be a HLFC collection if there weren't speckles?

I hope you find a colorway (or two) that you love and make something so beautiful and special with it! I know I'll be making some sort of baby blanket for Rhys with all the left over yarn from making swatches! Any ideas? Drop them below!

- Lisa

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